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  • Design

    Our design principles are centered to achieve balance and harmony. Varying expertise across a global team of 60 Designers, we match you with the most suitable team to create a unique design philosophy for your space.

  • Technology

    The pivotal centre of our design process and arguably World's first VR-based 3d Visualization application for a seamless experience, allowing you to closely inspect each nook and corner of your space before construction.

  • Furniture and Furnishings

    Our extensive network of suppliers allow us to uniquely curate selections of furnishing pieces across categories that we use in our designs and deliver to your home making us a one stop shop for any interior design requirements

  • Contracting and Project Management

    A dedicated team of engineers and designers work on your home, while you coordinate across design, contracting and project management with just one person to ensure your convenience.

We specialize in delivering our promise

Virtual-Reality-based design and contracting venture that aims at disrupting the way consumers design and execute the interiors of their spaces.

How we do it

Meet our designer Requirement analysis

Space Planning

3d Designing

Virutal Reality Experience

Project Execution


Single point of contact

Transform your office in a hassle-free way. Flipspaces gives you a single point of contact to help you change the look of your workspace.

Virtual Reality walkthrough

See your vision shine bright. Flipspaces lets you take a sneak peek in your future office with the help of Virtual Reality Walk-through and lets you be in charge of its interior design.

Timely Delivery Guaranteed

From the time of planning to getting end-to-end solutions, Flipspaces designs a tailor-made office for you within promised time .


Multiple point of contacts

We at Flipspaces, ensure you don't have to do the running around for your refurbished office.

3D rendered images

Why settle for 3D images, when you can experience being in your new workplace? Flipspaces gives you a VR tour of how your finished office would look like.

Ever extending schedule

Don't let the unplanned calendars and lack of bandwidth affect you in getting your dream office.

Featured projects


LowKey Dispensary


India Center



Crazy Good Kitchen


Omega Shipping

Condominium Remodeling

Studio Decor

B/S/H is a global leader and one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances. B/S/H offices were designed keeping in mind their international presence, thought leadership, and brand ethos. This award winning office is a new design benchmark across their global offices, inspiring future office spaces.

Multiple Locations globally

One of the fastest growing dispensaries across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, known for their ability to provide a client-centric experience centre. The stores are designed to ensure a soothing experience bringing you closer to nature.

Boston, MA

News Corp is one of the leading multinational mass media corporations in the world. The design reflects their global footprint and incorporates a thesis on amalgamation of cultures, a true representation of their modern office culture.

Multiple Locations globally

India Society of Worcester, one of the oldest Indian-American organizations that also built the region’s first and the only Indian Center, only second of its kind in the country, recently launched a campaign to double its existing facility. The team at ISW over several decades has been instrumental in bringing together the Indian community across the New England area.

Shrewsbury, MA

Quantiphi is a tech-startup creating cutting-edge ML and AI based products for Global Clients. The design reflects their values of sustainable technology and strive for the future. The quirky designs across the theme have won multiple awards and have been a constant talking point.

Multiple Locations Globally

Being a multinational corporation that provides a global workplace, we had certain design guidelines to abide. Flipspaces design is hugely valuable, and the way they linked it with flawless implementation was really powerful. They created an elegant, cozy and warm office for us. Whenever we are doing our next office, Flipspaces would be our obvious first choice.

Multiple Locations Globally

A 90 year old establishment, recently expanded to a more central location, right in the heart of Newbury Street. They are famous for their burgers and milkshakes and have had the business in the family for generations.

Boston, MA

Converted an existing 3 bedroom condominium to a 2 bed with living area, sunny room, dining area and a study room

Boston, MA

A budget remodeling for a living room

Norwood, MA

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