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Real estate & design tech startup, Flipspaces records 350%,revenue growth within a year of expanding in the U.S market

9th February 2023

Leveraging technology combined with a Global Supply Chain capability, the company is now profitable in the US with 350% revenue growth within a year.


7th February 2023

Flipspaces is leveraging technology combined with a global supply chain capability to become profitable in the US

How Flipspaces is disrupting the US market with its global presence

9th February 2023

"Our current order book is 4X of our trailing twelve months revenue in the US because of which we’re looking to grow by 500-600% in the coming financial year as well” remarks Ankur Muchhal, Co-Founder and Head of US Business at Flipspaces

Top 5 startups revolutionizing Virtual Retail Technology with aid of data-driven business decisions

20th January 2023

With the speedy transformation in retail industry spreading like wildfire post the pandemic, it has become imperative for business strategies to be propelled by data-driven business decisions in terms of operations, sales revenue, and most importantly brand loyalty to stay ahead in the game.

Key Design Trends that came as a learning experience and will continue to 2023.

30th December 2022

Year-ender: From beige magnet to outdoor living style, here are the key designs of corporate space, home and interior decor that were a learning experience in 2022 and will continue to trend in the New Year 2023

How in recent times offices have shrunk given the widespread adoption of technology

26th December 2022

Determining the role of technology in transforming the next-gen workplace also plays a crucial role for design and commercial build companies to innovate and be creative at all levels.

Design trends in commercial offices to look out for in 2023

19th December 2022

Modern commercial designs are in sync with the latest tech trends across industries to create a conducive work environment.

Why are breakout zones a key factor in the design brief in all new commercial office designs

25th November 2022

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Just like Jack, spending all their work hours toiling in their cubicles tends to exhaust employees. Spending the entire day at the place you work is never healthy. You need some time to unwind, have casual discussions, or have informal meetings off the premises. To cater to these needs, more and more companies are including dedicated “breakout zones” in their commercial interior designs. Irrespective of the size of your office, you can build these areas to add to the charm of your workspace.

Open Office Space – Why Are Open Floor Plans In Commercial Spaces The Go-to For Any Firm In The Current Era

21st November 2022

For over two years, employees around the world worked in the confines of the four walls of their apartments and houses. While the trend of working remotely has skyrocketed, professionals had been yearning for physical collaborations at workspaces. Now that employees have returned to their offices and have the luxury of working on-premise, several businesses have decided to remove the barriers between them at workspaces. This has given rise to the increasing adoption of open floor plans in new interior briefs.

Commercial designs trends that will change the face of 2023

14th November 2022

With the year 2023 on the horizon, it will be a year where interior designers can experiment with their takes on new design models and take the trends a step further. Here are modern commercial design trends that will change the face of 2023

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