Impressing Clients with VR Interior Design Experience

10th October 2022

Looking to design your office space as per the trending commercial spaces but not sure what will be the final outcome? Well, most business owners while designing their office space can only contemplate the final outcome. Sometimes the result is way above their expectations but other times they end up spending additional costs on repairing the space design after it is implemented.

What if we tell you that you can not only visualise but walk through your entire office and make amendments to the design on the go? Believe it or not, you can design the space, choose the products and get a visual tour with lighting, carpets, furniture and everything in between with no cost at all.

Flipspaces is a tech-based interior design company that leverages virtual reality, gamification, cutting-edge technology and machine learning to plan, design, and optimise an empty property into your dream office space.

How are we unique interior designers?

We believe that expressing and convincing clients of final outcome of their office space is a cumbersome errand and hence, we brought the idea of a virtual tour of office design that can be seen and changed as per your requirement.

Hence, before we execute your commercial space design, we, with the help of VR interior design, walk you through the entire plan and show you how your office will look to suffice your expectations. Therefore, giving you an option to experience your space before it’s built.

Our 4-Step Execution Plan

Let’s see how your journey is going to be with FlipSpaces. We divide your journey into 4 major steps, wherein, everything is planned, designed and implemented.

Stage 1: Space Planning

Our team of expert designers and architects build a basic 2D layout and a 3D model basis on the client’s requirement with the help of VIZMAP. This is the first step to bringing the client’s imagination onto paper via a 2D layout.

Stage 2: Selection of Products

Once the idea and basic layout are finalised we ensure our customers can choose their type of products and interior design at our VIZSTORE. VIZSTORE comprises 2 lakh+ interior products including flooring, paints, furniture, wallpapers, lighting options, etc. Clients can sit with our team of experts to select products for each space gingerly.

Stage 3: Interactive Walk-Throughs

With the help of our VR interior design team and VIZWALK we are able to design photorealistic 3-D walkthroughs. These walkthroughs are video based and offer real-time changeability ensuring you can experience your space before it’s built. You can make amendments to the design, interior, space and everything in between while sitting with our team of experts.

Stage 4: Execution & Management

Our team keep things in mind while implementing your plan like cost overrun and mitigating time to ensure nothing goes wrong. You don’t have to fret about project management as our team along with VIZDOM manage the execution and implementation plan.

The Final Conclusion

What can be better than experiencing your project before it’s made? FlipSpaces and the VR interior design team come together to design and build your project as if it’s their own. All you have to do is express your dream project to our professionals!