Most underrated advice on new interior design trends that works!

4th April 2022

More than ornamentation, it's the experience of Hospitality that the guest faces which drives them back to the hotel. With respect to design, it's the culture, brand ethos, or the vision when the design brief is shared that a hotel is designed upon.
Understanding the importance of interior design helps in recognizing the behavior of the customer.

Why does the right interior design matter?

Why does the right interior design matter?

The right interiors and exterior design of a hotel itself becomes a tourist attraction which brings in the influx of tourists and guests alike, which in turn increases the room occupancy of that particular hotel and helps in driving sales. Below we have listed the importance of interior design trends.

  • With great aesthetics, guests often come along in the form of travel bloggers, holiday tourists or just people from within the country who are on a staycation.
  • The right hotel amenities in terms of banquet halls, business facilities and others brings in revenue from different business travelers and wedding planners & parties.
  • Design aesthetics should showcase the brand ethos, the cultures and values not of just the location of the property but also of the company culture

Coming to the interior trends, below we have listed some of them.

Visualizing Tool

Visualizing Tool:

Vizstore is an e-commerce platform. This helps the customer in cutting down the costs by visualizing the end product in a visual environment. Vizstore contains features for customers to visualize in multiple backgrounds, carry virtual stores on a laptop, and showcase their products anywhere.

Colour Blocking

Colour Blocking:

Colour blocking creates a captivating look by merging two or more colours. This has to be dealt with cautiously. Some of the factors to be taken note of:

Say no to bright colour

Say no to bright colour:

Loud colours are not always suitable for hotel interior design unless the customer says so. Light hues or neutral colors are more soothing to the eyes. This helps customers to relax and enjoy their stay

Beyond the wall

Beyond the wall:

In general, only one wall is used for color blocking and lighter shades are used for the rest of the walls. But to get the best results, color blocking should be done beyond the wall. One way is using a central theme and expanding it to the floor, furniture, light, and ceiling thus bringing a unique interior design.



Lighting plays an important role in welcoming customers. For example, a hotel lobby should be brightly lit for the customer to feel energized. Likewise, the waiting area should be subtly illuminated for the guests to rest for a while.

Some of the interior design trends for lighting are:

  • Use ambient lighting in the room and bath to set the mood.
  • A desk lamp or headboard lamp for reading or working at a desk.
  • For mirror lighting, we can use bulbs around the mirror or a larger light above it.
  • For guests to feel comfortable, use the overhead lighting in the bath area.
  • Use accent lighting for visibility.
  • For lighting, it can be inside or just outside, pointing to the inside.
  • For guests to feel safe at night, use subtle night lights like soft lights under desks, under beds, and/or along the walls. This can help the guests find their way without having to turn on the lights.

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