Virtual reality interior: The future of interior designing

10th August 2022

The Allied Market Research report claims that the global augmented and virtual reality market was valued at $760 million in 2015, and is projected to reach a trillion dollars by 2022. Through this, we can understand the augmented virtual reality market is expanding.
Nowadays most companies impress clients with the full VR interior design experience.

The “WOW” Factor

The wow factor is Changing the layout according to your preferences. The customer gets 360-degree view of the overall product that allows the customer to customize it easily.

Most people are well versed in the traditional approach. The traditional approach consists of seeing the interior pictures depending on the specs given and visualized interpretation. Some people are not satisfied with the final product and it becomes tedious to restructure it.

But virtual reality has changed the ball game. This helps customers to pick the products and place them in the workstation. This leaves the client with an impression that the company is incorporating modern technology into its designs and that you’re keeping up with the trends.

Immersive Experience

The virtual experience gives users you immersive experience thus making them enjoy it. Here we have Vizcart which helps the customer have a preference for their final products. The Vizcart provides workstations that provide an array of space-efficient, modular and functional workstations to suit every need. They provide ready-made modular sections with preset combinations to save your time.

The Vizcart provides added value for both the customer and the interior designer by getting them to visualize the space before fully committing. It also offers peace of mind because your client will be more confident with the decision they’ve made.

Avoiding Mistakes:

The Vizcart helps the customer to make mistakes by going back-and-forth changes that will help potential mistakes to be avoided. This will save you a lot of time as the number of requests to make changes given the client can envision their space well before the project even begins.


The great thing about Vizcart is that you can bring them with you to your client’s house to give them the full virtual reality interior design experience. This helps the client to give a 360-degree view and helps them give input to various designs. This helps the client to get a visual perspective of their products and thus helps in reducing mistakes. Thus allowing us to deliver your product in a short period.

Why Flipspaces?

Every successful business venture has 2 things: How to serve the customer and business acumen. Serving the customer is the mantra and is the primary motto in all businesses as is in Flipspaces. Business acumen can be instilled while working.

Flipspaces is solution-oriented with a vision to serve more people. For this purpose, we have an online furniture platform known as Vizcart that offers a range of furniture. We help the customer to customize their products with the help of Vizcart.

How does Vizcart differentiate itself from its traditional?

Vizcart Traditional Buying
Customisation Full Limited
Quality Assurance Standardized Unstandard
Virtual Design Integration Possible Not possible
Cost Advantage ~15% less than market Higher
Services One-stop Different vendors
Delivery range Global Local

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