How To Design A Modern Restaurant: 15 Modern Restaurant Design Ideas

2nd October 2022

If you are thinking about designing and building your restaurant or revamping, keep in mind that your customers must have a very immersive dining experience while you serve them lip-smacking food. Give a treat to your visitor’s eyes with your exquisite restaurant’s interior designs, and let your brand be recognized for more than just its enticing food and service.

Having a modern restaurant interior design will create a great first impression in the minds of your customers and give them a reason to visit the place again with their friends and family.

Here, we are mentioning 15 modern restaurant interior design ideas that can flip the image of your eatery and give your customers another characteristic to compliment onn.

1. Make Your Customers Feel Welcomed

In terms of modern restaurant interior designs, having a very attractive entrance is very important. You have to make sure that the entryway to your restaurant is thoroughly inviting. Attention-seeking signage or an experience-driven waiting area could do the trick!

2. Apply a Theme to your restaurant

Having a theme defined for your restaurant is the essence of a modern restaurant interior design. You aim to create an overwhelming experience for your customers rather than just leaving them with various traits to look at and be confused about. Have a very distinct theme. You could opt for a Mumbai-themed restaurant and have all the city has to offer incorporated into your restaurant design.

3. Let the Walls represent

Your modern restaurant interior design must include the world’s most renowned concept of an accent wall. What better than an entire wall speaking about your brand out loud. An accent wall can adorn brand colours or support the theme of your restaurant. Having a wall with a Japanese mythological creature can do justice to a restaurant that serves authentic ramen or Pan Asian fare.

4. Keeping your Location in mind

While setting up your restaurant, you should be aware of the location that you are serving and have the interiors designed in a way that can please the local crowd. It’s like giving a mood to your restaurant. For instance, if you are setting up a restaurant along the coast, you can have a casual dining setup with a rustic feel.

5. Modern Lighting

Lighting is a key element of modern restaurant interior designs. Today, there are many incredible light fixtures to experiment with. Lighting can significantly add up some value to modern restaurant interior designs. But what is even more important is overplaying with lights. You need to have a clear vision and not clutter your restaurant with too many lights. Lighting must compliment your theme and brand colours.

6. Kitchen as an attraction

For years, the kitchen has always been behind walls with a door that has a round see-through window on it. But what if you have the kitchen as a showstopper. Your guest could enjoy the sight of their meals being cooked, and at the same time be tempted by the aroma around the entire restaurant.

7. Go the Artsy way

Modern restaurant interior designs might also feature some art pieces by local artists. This could give your restaurant a very different perspective. You could showcase some talented people and allow your customers to appreciate the depth of it while dining.

8. Common Community Spaces & tables

Get over those mind your own food dining spaces, modern restaurants today have exclusive communal spaces with long tables where large groups can dine in together and not miss out on each other’s conversations. How about seeing people relishing their favourite dishes while enjoying themselves as a big happy family.

9. Have Chalkboards

Bringing back the classic old tradition of writing the day’s special menu on a chalkboard. By installing a chalkboard, you could save a lot on prints and also grab the attention of customers efficiently. The best part is the versatility of a chalkboard, and that’s why it's on our list.

10. Bring Back the Classics

Classic is the new modern, they say. How about having a vintage, retro feel to your restaurant. The perfect blend of old and new is what you need to find if you want customers with your antiques.

11. Reflections

Involving the depth illusion of mirrors is a powerful move for restaurants these days. Mirrors will make a tiny room look like it can accommodate people double its capacity. The placement of these mirrors is vital, otherwise they would not blend in with the interior.

12. Keep it Simple

Minimalist is the right word to use for modern restaurant interior designs that do not play along a lot with colours but rather keep it simple and spacious. Such interiors invite guests to enjoy the food solely without being distracted.

13. Setting the Bar high

Food is for the heart but eyes are always at the bar. Make your bar the centerpiece with the best lighting and get your customers grooving on those cocktails and mocktails. Have it in the middle of your restaurant or in a special corner where it stands out.

14. Bring the plant’s in

Having plants indoors is something great to consider while designing the interiors of your restaurant. First, they are so lovely to look at. Indoor plants can boost your customer's moods and at the same time reduce toxins by 85%.

15. Switch some Seating

Finding the right colours and highlights might seem important but emphasis must be given to the seating at your restaurant. Have separate family booths for a private outing or a long-standing table with tall chairs for colleagues to enjoy a few drinks together. Ensure that the seating is stylish and yet comfortable.