Advantages of custom-made modular furniture for commercial uses

25th September 2022

Custom made modular furniture means a set of pre-made furniture items that can be combined in different ways as per client needs. Most modular furniture companies have their pre-made modular furniture showroom where they can assemble the furniture for clients.

On the eve of the pandemic, a lot of changes have occurred in everyone's lifestyle. Primarily the changes are reflected in commercial spaces. Even though more people are focusing on working from home but more people are enthusiastically interested in working in the office. Owing to this, more offices are specialized in optimising spaces.

Most entrepreneurs feel the necessity to cut the budget rather than shell out a lot of money for custom made commercial furniture. You may feel that why is a need for modular furniture at that price when more furniture can be purchased at the given rate. But this is not the case, as modular kitchen helps the business to stand out. It makes the environment friendly making it a perfect place for the employees to work and thereby adding professionalism.

What is custom made modular furniture?

Custom made modular furniture means a set of pre-made furniture items that can be combined in different ways as per client needs. Most modular furniture companies have their pre-made modular furniture showroom where they can assemble the furniture for clients.

Most customers want their office furniture to complement the interior. The Custom-made can be prepared as per the material, finish, colour or size requirements. Not only with aesthetics but cost-wise too it's lower than the market-made furniture. So assimilating custom-made modular furniture helps the business budget their workspace area.

So this becomes a win-win situation for the entrepreneurs to grab this opportunity to furnish their commercial spaces.

The 6 advantages of Custom made modular furniture for commercial uses are:


Ergonomics simply means the study of people in the working environment. In layman's terms, It’s to check whether the design and furniture are suitable for employees. After all, they shouldn’t cause grievous injury or accidents to employees. This can cause a heavy loss of money to businesses.

So with the right economy, economic performance increases and helps in the optimum level of work style. The custom made commercial furniture is ergo friendly and manufactured and designed in such a way. Ergonomic office furniture is basically furniture designed keeping the comfort and posture of the employees in mind.


Most modular furniture should be flexible. Flexibility concerning ease of disassembly and assembling. This is most favourable while the company is shifting. As it reduces the unnecessary cost of refurbishing. So the downtime of refurnishing is less than the required amount of time. This is a time and money saver and reduces the cost of moving furniture. Not only movers but carpenters' money for the furniture is saved. This saves a lot of money for installation and invariably can be installed in a few hours.

Cost Saving:

Most entrepreneurs are more inclined to cost-saving ways. Modular furniture helps in cost-saving and reduces unnecessary costs such as carpenter or contractor. This is due to pre-made parts that help in getting built much easier. Because of this adaptable feature, it helps the company to save the cost which can be utilised in other things. This is possible because of twisting of few screws and assembling it will help in making the furniture whole.


Space-saving is an integral part of the office. As most business owners want to optimize space in a way more employees can fit. This way of thinking often leads to employee dissatisfaction. Nobody wants to work in a cramped space irrespective even of whether the company is big or small.

Hence, Space becomes a critical point where commercial space tries to fit. This can be avoided by using Modular furniture. Suppose if your team size grows, with modular furniture you can shift. This also ensures visual cohesion and consistency throughout the workspace.

Modular furniture helps in promoting collaboration in the workspace. Instead of people working in different spaces, everyone can work in space. This helps in understanding perspective and can promote socializing and productivity.

Employee Satisfaction:

SEmployee satisfaction is necessary for any organization. If employee satisfaction is less it will lead to more attrition. This invariably leads to more costs and a waste of time.

One of the major factors is ergonomics. No employee wants to be a part of an organization that has the 5 most common injuries due to poor ergonomics:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Back injuries
  • Tendon inflammation
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Neck strain or stiff neck

So setting up ergonomically modular furniture is a necessity for employee retention.

Business Sucess:

Office interiors and types of modular furniture project the value of the company. Periodically reconfiguring the interiors with a piece of good modular furniture helps in boosting productivity and overall performance of the employee's company. When an employee goes above and beyond for the idea to work and ultimately assimilates the company vision as their own. This is when real business growth happens. It also helps businesses by being cost-effective with reducing attrition.

The free workspace helps in discovering the employee to engage and helps in creating new ideas that inadvertently help in the ROI of the company.

Revamp Your Commercial space with Flipspaces

Every successful business venture has 2 things: How to serve the customer and business acumen. Serving the customer is the mantra and is the primary motto in all businesses as is in Flipspaces. Business acumen can be instilled while working.

Flipspaces is solution-oriented with a vision to serve more people. For this purpose, we have an online furniture platform known as Vizcart that offers a range of furniture.

How does Vizcart differentiate itself from its traditional?

Vizcart Traditional Buying
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Quality Assurance Standardized Unstandard
Virtual Design Integration Possible Not possible
Cost Advantage ~15% less than market Higher
Services One-stop Different vendors
Delivery range Global Local

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