Clever customizable cafe interior design tips

15th September 2022

You might serve the best coffee at your cafe, but what matters more than the coffee is the interior of your cafe. Facilitating a great overall experience to guests visiting the cafe will define it’s success. Nothing better than sipping coffee and enjoying sandwiches and croissants in space that is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

You would want customer’s to spend more time at your cafe. The purpose of every person visiting the cafe might be different. Some might come in for a business meet, a romantic date or just spend an evening chilling with your friends just like the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Here are some tips by our experts for a perfect cafe interior design.

1. Exteriors

Exteriors are the most important part of cafe interior design. The exteriors of your cafe will create a first impression in the minds of your customers and that it why it should represent the theme of your restaurant well and have a very inviting impact on the visitors passing by.

Do not go for a complicated exterior and confuse your customer, instead go for a simple yet eye-grabbing design. You can have the vintage arches for your doors and windows to hold onn to the classic look and feel from the outside. Get a perfect logo that will represent the story of your brand and also add some recall value to the exteriors of your cafe.

2. Colours and Materials

When a customer walks into your cafe, the two major aspects that might attract them is the colour scheme and the materials used to make the space. If you don’t consider these traits during your cafe interior design, your space might end up as another boring place around the corner.

So before you work on the interiors, have a clear head on the colour palette and the raw materials you want to use in your cafe. You could either go for the trendy bright pastel colour or have a combination in place that will compliment your brand’s logo and theme. The colours and elements of your cafe will also depend on the category of your cafe.

If you wish to create a cafe that is more like a hangout place, the cafe interior design can be a little high-end and the overall aura of the cafe should be such that your customers finding it chill and relaxing. You cafe must have a great seating area and have a very casual vibe to it without making it look or feel very luxurious. For your cafe interior designs you could also go the conventional way and have the essence of a place made for business discussions over coffee.

Finding the right balance between the colours and materials can make your cafe interior design standout!

3. Let there be Light!

You can turn your average looking cafe interior design to something extraordinary courtesy of accurate lighting. Modern cafe interior designs consider lighting to be the star of the show. You can change the mood of your cafe just on the basis of the lighting setup. Lights do add up to the atmosphere of your cafe,

You could either opt for artificial lighting ideas like ambient lighting, accent lighting or decorative lighting. Accent lights will highlight certain areas or elements of the cafe like paintings or artworks. Ambient lighting can be installed to have uniform lighting throughout the space. When it comes to decorative lighting, you must ensure that you don’t go overboard with it but adds beauty to your cafe interior design.

4. Get the Layout right

There are numerous layout options for your cafe interior design. The most common is the table-chair setup. Creating booths and private spaces is also in trend nowadays. Don’t get blow away by the aesthetics and rather depend on the functionality of the layout.While working on the layout,, make sure there is enough aisle space between the tables.

If you are setting up your dream cafe or revamping one, keep in mind the above tips. Playing great music will also set the mood of customers. We at Flipspaces can be a part of your journey and assist you with modern cafe interior designs. Connect with us!