Commercial Interior Design: Tips for a Successful Project

3rd October 2022

Earlier, commercial spaces were all about functionality while the design aspect of it was not given much attention. But today, it’s not just about functionality. Many do not understand the importance of hiring a commercial space designer while setting up their workplaces or spaces for business. Perceptions of business owners, employees and also customers have changed with time. The goal of a modern commercial space designer is to create a stimulating space.

What exactly is commercial interior design?

Commercial space is very different when compared to residential space. Commercial space can be a school, a community hospital, a retail store or a general public space. Commercial space must be designed in a way that it delivers a great experience to the visitors.

A lot of details are involved while building a commercial space. Thus, it is always recommended to have an experienced commercial space designer do the job. It’s the commercial space designer who first understands the requirements of the business owner and then creates a design for the space which is functional and at the same time aesthetic to the eyes.

Creating a space that is visually appealing but does not compromise on functionality is what a commercial space designer should aim at. You might come across restaurants or offices with interiors that do not relate to the food they serve or the kind of work they perform. You can avoid all of this with a commercial space designer.

Here are some tips for a successful commercial project.

Plan your space well

While designing your commercial space, it is very important to have a thought that is ahead of time. With every passing year, businesses are expanding tremendously. For instance, if a restaurant chain is growing rapidly, every space that represents the restaurant should have a reflection of the brand. If it's a franchise-based business, you must make sure that all the franchises must have the same vibe throughout. A very good example of this is McDonald's. Every outlet you visit across the country, the spaces will never miss the charm that the brand holds.

This can be achieved only through thorough planning and accurate execution for which hiring a commercial space designer or firm is key. While planning your space, make sure you include movable structures as well. So when you want to revamp the space, it becomes more convenient and the effort will be minimal.

Adopt a trusted design software

A commercial space asks for accuracy and precision which can be met by using professional interior designing software. This software must have in-build computed-aided design capabilities. If you want to create accurate two or three-dimensional drawings of your space, intelligent software will do the trick and you will save a lot of time.

The virtual reality software that we offer at Flipspaces can provide you with all the necessary information related to the interior of your commercial space. Through this software, you can have a three-dimensional view of your commercial space design with accurate measurements. Smart software like VIZWORLD will help you save a lot of time and effort.

Make room for technology

Technology is evolving in the world every day. It is associated with everything that we do today. Commercial spaces of any nature have to be technologically equipped. Thus, a commercial space designer must consider technology as an element of the interior and make proper allotments for it.

For instance, schools nowadays have projector setups, restaurants have table managers, and retail stores have digital promotion screens. Allotment of adequate spaces keeping technology into consideration derives a perfect commercial space.

Find the perfect combination

While designing a commercial space, the commercial space designer must find the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. Functionality is given a lot of emphasis but you cannot undermine the power of aesthetics too.

You might enter a doctor’s waiting lounge which has basic functionality like the lounge area for patients to relax, the nursing room for basic parameter checks and a desk for the receptionist. However, you might want to spend time at that place only if it's asking you to. Always strive for the patients or customers to have an experience while they spend time in your commercial space.

Various research results have proved that an aesthetic interior can have a positive impact on the minds of visitors. If you are designing a restaurant, a cafe, a grocery or an office for IT professionals, make sure that you find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Safety First

Safety is the first aspect that you need to consider, while designing your dream commercial space. Especially, when it comes to commercial spaces, there are some sets of codes that you need to abide by while operating from the space. If you are hiring a commercial space designer or firm, it is their job to create a design around all the safety measures prescribed.

Aesthetics and functionality are necessary, but nothing stands above safety. For example, if you are designing a restaurant, it is essential to designate the kitchen area with a good amount of space for ventilation along with emergency exits.

While designing your commercial space, the communication between the commercial space designer and the owner has to be on point. You can save a lot of effort and time if you introduce the right technology to this process. If you are looking out for a commercial space designer, we at Flipspaces can be your solution.

Reach out to us with your requirements, and our team of commercial space designers at Flipspaces will guide you through the entire process of revamping or developing your commercial space.