How Does Interior Design for Hotels Impact Operations?

5th September 2022

While planning a trip with your family, the first thing that’s important after cheaper tickets for you is an excellent place to stay. Undeniably, everyone would want to stay in a hotel that is aesthetically pleasing and appealing to one’s eyes. Interior design and exterior beauty are imperative requirements for a guest. However, it does not mean that Hotels leave other important facets ignored including the functionality and daily operation of the Hotel.

Hotel owners and developers need to design the Hotel interiors keeping in mind its functionality and how it’s going to affect the employees’ work efficiency and productivity. Smart interior design for hotels does not only please the guests but also reduces a Hotel’s room’s wear and tear maintenance costs allowing the staff to spend less time cleaning and maintaining and more time offering guests an experience of their life pursuing them to visit again. It also motivates them to spend more on services indirectly helping hotels to get a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

What is the functionality of Interior Design for a Hotel?

Well, a functional interior is a space that ensures your employees can comfortably perform multiple operations in one place. Your Hotel’s interior design should be designed in a way that ensures comfortable cleaning and low maintenance allowing the staff to be on track with guests’ work. Let’s discuss the operation and functionality of a hotel in detail keeping in mind a well-thought interior design.

1. Consider Staff Satisfaction an Imperative point

We all know that cleaning and maintenance work in Hotels is tedious. Hence, keeping the working condition in mind, one can plan out the interiors accordingly. For example, if you have a continental open banquet at your Hotel, you need to plan out an ample storage space for cushions, chairs, sofas and accessories before they all drip in water due to heavy rainfall. The storage space should be near to the banquet making the work of the staff simpler and less strenuous with all the running around they have to do to get all things safe in the storage area timely.

This is something that should be planned early on while designing the interior of a hotel as it will cost you more if you try to execute it in the later stage while the Hotel is operational. Interior design for Hotels needs a spectacular vision and idea that can be beneficial for the staff, employees as well as guests.

2. Consider Operational Efficiency to Increase Staff’s Productivity

You believe it or not but interior design plays an important role in deciding how tedious or time-taking the housekeeping’s work is going to be. The simpler the work for housekeeping staff the more productive and efficient is going to be the team.

Imagine, if your Hotel’s bathroom floors are not porous but smooth, it will be easier for housekeeping staff to clean the floors. There will be no white chalk marks left for them to work upon. In addition, the sleek square design of the slabs in the bathroom might seem fashionable but they are the most time taking when it comes to cleaning. The staff takes half of the time to clean the narrow corners leaving them with no time to focus on other work.

Hence, these things matter when you are planning interior design for Hotel. If you consider these things once the design is developed and implemented, you will be spending double the cost on the interiors themselves. It is required that you choose perfect Interior designers who can give you comfortable, efficient and pleasing designs for your guests.

3. Make Guest’s Comfortability your Prime Point

While designing your Hotel’s interior with your interior designer do give your input coming straight from your experience and expertise in the business. When planning the rooms, restaurants and walking aisles, try to make everything easily accessible to guests as well as the staff. The more time people spend understanding the Hotel structure or staff reaching the guest for room service, the more uncomfortable and confused they will feel. It leaves the guests as well as the staff dissatisfied in the long run.

Hence, keep the restaurant's structure simple and the serving tables close to corners to reach the guest within time. Ensure the waiters are using lightweight silver trays for room service to feel less exhausted. All of these things matter when you are designing the Hotel’s interiors and not later.

Your interior design for Hotels can be interesting, pleasing yet convenient for the staff as well as the guests. All you need is an outstanding Interior designing company by your side who can offer you their experience. FlipSpaces is an Interior design company that bridges the gap between modern futuristic interior design and optimised Return On Investment by offering dream space with tech-enabled interior solutions. We elevate the complete interior design and visualisation, product selection and project execution with our cutting-edge technology solutions and experience. We offer more than expected to our clients.