Natural Elements Enhance Employees' Productivity in Office Space

11th October 2022

Do you have plants in your room? Do you look at it every day and feel pleasantly refreshed? Well, this is what natural elements do in your workplace. While you might not be paying attention, your employees are finding it hard to concentrate on their work as they aren’t in contact with nature for 9 hours straight.

If you close a person in a room without Sunlight and a natural view, you will eventually exhaust his productivity and creativity. That is what most offices are doing to their employees. No elements of the environment indoor are reducing employees working span and concentration level.

So the question is what you can do to rectify your mistake and make changes to your current office design?

Let’s see what you can do.

Introducing Natural Elements to Commercial Space Design

1. Plan to Plant more Plants

Have you heard of indoor plants? Well, there is a varying number of indoor plants available to keep on one’s desk, study table and reception area. These indoor plants need the least attention and yet they grow with minimal care and water.

According to NASA Space Research Agency, indoor plants proffer visual meditation to people and a refreshing effect on the office space.

Keeping indoor plants in your office ensures you have fresh air in the workplace. They rejuvenate your employees' creativity and productivity, resulting in healthy and happier employees. Undoubtedly, plants in office space increase employees’ productivity by 20-25% helping businesses optimise their annual ROI.

Tips to Design: You can keep plants on tables like reception and employee desks and lunch tables. The bigger plants can be kept in the corner of the room to enhance the beauty of the office place without causing disruption in the walking area.

2. Take Benefit of Natural Light

Offices are designed with humungous windows to ensure that employees can take advantage of natural light the entire day. However, most offices keep the windows shut and covered with curtains leaving employees no choice but to step out to take a break from work and relish the benefits of natural light.

If you have a huge window at your workplace, keep them uncovered and let employees enjoy natural light. This will ensure they don’t step outside often and invest most of their time working and being creative.

Tips to Design: If you have windows that are specifically designated for particular desks, you can change the seating plan and allow the windows to be accessible by all. Put indoor plants near the window and allow your plants to grow as well as your employees' creativity.

3. Invest in Some Water Body

No we aren’t asking you to invest in an ocean or sea, but a small aquarium or waterfall inside your office.

Most waiting rooms, receptions and offices inside have aquariums and artificial waterfalls. Fishes in aquariums and water falling sound calms and relax one's body and mind keeping blood pressure, stress and anxiety in control.

You can invest in an artificial waterfall or aquarium to allow your employees to feel happy and rejuvenated the entire day.

Tips to Design: There are interior designers who can help you design your office space by keeping aquariums in the middle to ensure everyone has a view. You can pitch in this idea to your interior designer to ensure your employees don’t miss out on something so beautiful and soothing.

4. Find an Outdoor Space at your Workplace

While searching for a workplace that fulfils all your requirements, does ensure it also encompasses an outdoor space where employees can walk around, sit and work and sometimes just find a moment of respite amidst a very busy day.

A few offices include a beautiful balcony or an open-air canteen that allows employees to breathe during the day while enjoying their meal. Open space offers your employees enough breathable space to sit and put their creativity to work. Looking at nature and having a chance to breathe fresh air itself encourages the productivity and creativity of employees.

Tips to design: Decorate your open space with plants, colourful decor, and creative seating like swings and carpets for a comfortable working space. Your open-air lunch space can encompass covering tents, comfortable chairs and beautiful decor to ensure a great canteen space for your employees.

5. Artificial Lighting

Well, it’s no new thing! Artificial lighting is the new thing when it comes to introducing your employees to natural lighting when working for straight 9 hours a day.

If your office does not have enough windows or opt for natural light, you can start by putting artificial lighting that brings out the exact same feeling that we feel when we look at natural light like Sunlight.

Tip to design: Artificial lights can be used in combination with wall colours, furniture placement and office space design. You can place lights above plants highlighting the natural beauty of the office, or you can keep warm-coloured walls in focus by placing the highlighting lights on that wall. All of this is specifically kept in mind while designing the office space.


FlipSpaces is an interior design company that works with professional designers and architects to incorporate nature into your workplace seamlessly. It is your idea and we work to keep your requirements as our priority while designing your commercial space.