Sustainable bungalow interior design ideas for eco-friendly homes.

20th August 2022

We all wish to have a home away from the hustle of a concrete jungle, where we can be one with nature and enjoy its beauty and bounty of it. A sustainable home is a new concept that is gaining popularity with time. How about having a bungalow interior design that speaks for nature and represents nature to the fullest.

Sustainability is creating the right balance with nature as a partner. Here we suggest some bungalow interior design ideas that are eco-friendly, lighter on the budget and a treat to the eyes aesthetically.

With a sustainable bungalow interior design, you can consciously work towards preserving the environment for generations to come. We get you ideas that support nature and also add value to the space you call home.

Define Sustainability and Style with Jute

If you want your bungalow interior design to look rustic, Jute which is a natural fibre can be added to different aspects of the interiors. Jute may facilitate different textures to your furniture like your sofa, upholstery and headboards. Have a jute carpet spread in the drawing room of your bungalow or an indoor jute swing for better contrast and a rustic touch.

Go Minimalistic

Instead of choosing luxury and spending thousands and lakhs on your interior, you can opt for something very simple and minimalistic for your bungalow interior design. Going minimalistic will save a lot of your interior costs and will make your space look more spacious and attractive. Include rugs and lamps made up of jute in your bungalow interior design along with small elements like wooden planters and hangings.

Keep it Rugged

To make sustainability visible, your bungalow interior design should look very raw and rugged. An exposed interior design with brick walls, basic furniture and recycled floors, fittings and ceilings will create the right balance between modern and vintage elements. To add freshness to your bungalow interior design, incorporating indoor plants will be the right choice.

Given a Rattan Touch

Rattan furniture is a quite popular material amongst people planning to have a sustainable bungalow interior design. Rattan furniture is attractive and eco-friendly at the same time, thus making it a go-to option on our list. Give your interior design a different perspective with rattan mirror frames, window blinders and also lamp shades.

Bamboos in your home

If you wish to make your home more aesthetic and exotic, you can include partitions made up of bamboo Bamboos are eco-friendly and have a very positive impact on your bungalow’s interior design. The bamboo can cover right from the floor to the ceiling without affecting the total essence of the home. Bamboo as a material is very easy to maintain and blends well with the decor. You could have a bamboo wall to separate the kitchen and the dining area. It will add warmth to your home. You can also amplify the presence of bamboo in your interior structure by using LED lights.

Bring Nature inside your house

Imagine a drawing room full of plants placed across all corners. Indoor plants are something that can add a natural accent to your bungalow interior design. Having plants inside the house will keep your space fresh and at the same time represent sustainability. Indoor plants require less maintenance, so when it comes to building a sustainable home, do not miss out on adding some vines and climbers indoors, making it look eco-friendly and luxurious.

As humans, we must always do our bit of protecting and contributing to the environment. You can start this journey by building a sustainable home. Get closer to nature and embrace all its aspects of it. Start leading a life that is simple and easy.

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