The Role Of Modern Office Interior Design In Improving Work Productivity

18th April 2022

Conventional workspaces are no longer the norm with more and more companies around the world today looking for innovative interiors for their office space. This is why a lot of the top corporate giants have taken a permanent break from the incorporation of the traditional office interior concept involving individual cubicles and plain walls. They are now opting for office interior design assuring to create a more open and productive work environment.

But, while big corporate houses are embracing this change, startups and medium-scale companies are still questioning the science behind the role of modern office interior design in improving work productivity. This article aims to point out facts justifying this concept. Keep reading to learn more.

Co-Relation Between Employee Productivity And Office Interior Design

Employee productivity at the office is likely to be influenced by a large number of factors, but this can be given a positive stride with a promptly designed workspace. The hiring of a well-experienced and talented workforce will not contribute to your productivity if you fail to offer them a good office space. The planning of your office interior design by and large affects how the employees will interact with one another along with determining how they will function in groups with the equipment and tools available within the work zone.

An efficient and effective work environment needs to be more inviting to the employees in order to promote productivity. It is important to ensure that the challenges that your company is facing from time to time are not burdened on the employees by curtailing investment in office interior design. Only a space that is well designed, and filled with positivity and peace is likely to boost employee performance.

6 Facts To Incorporate In Your Modern Office Interior Design

Below are a few tips from Flipspaces’s expert interior designers that should be incorporated into your office interior design without fail.

1. Drop Ceiling Panels

Drop Ceiling Panels

Drop Ceiling panels, also known as floating ceiling panels and suspended ceiling panels are now an important part of the modern-day office interior design trend. This is because of the array of benefits it offers to the workspace at a minimal cost than most expect. The acoustics of a room is going to improve exceptionally with the incorporation of drop ceiling panels. Your employees are going to appreciate working in a space that has controlled acoustics. Noise is common in an office space but this only ends up harming the work environment and tends to affect the productivity of the workers involved. Hence, the installation of acoustic or drop ceiling panels is highly recommended.

Along with acoustics, drop ceiling panels also provide aesthetic appeal to the workspace mimicking the appearance of wood as well as perforated metal in certain cases. Coming to the selection of office interior design, different types of designs can be used with this particular design element, and it just goes without saying that things that make your office less boring or nice are definitely useful for promoting productivity. Last but not the least, drop ceiling panels can be easily customized keeping client needs in concern. You can also use them to add some lighting or enhance the acoustics of a particular space as well.

2. Commercial Radiant Floor heating systems

Commercial Radiant Floor heating systems

When it comes to office interior design, it is important for employers to take the utmost care of their employees. Radiant floor heating systems are one of the best designs that you should add to your office interior design plan for the array of comfort and health benefits they offer. Commercial radiant floor heating systems operate without blowers and ducts. This is why they offer a uniform distribution of heat all across the interior space. Heat radiates from the floor and is distributed to every corner through natural air convection. The use of a radiant floor heating system is highly useful if your employees are complaining about the uneven distribution of heat, noise ducts, and draftiness.

Another prominent reason why it is a wise idea to use a radiant floor heating system is that they do not distribute airborne germs or allergens. Without any forced air circulation, employees working in the workspace can largely benefit from indoor air movement. Remember that only healthy employees can add to your workforce productivity. Besides, no one would love to work with a co-worker who is constantly coughing or sneezing due to unhealthy air quality.

3. Productive New Layouts

Productive New Layouts

Apart from incorporating design elements into the interiors, another important characteristic of enhanced productivity in your workspace is the layout. Productive new layouts have the ability to guide the flow as well as the manner in which people interact. They even offer a prominently new approach in comparison to the boring old layouts often considered ineffective in this modern era.

4. Implementing Interconnected Design

Implementing Interconnected Design

According to Flipspaces, modern office interior design trends are now gearing toward more interconnected and transparent office layout concepts. Some companies even prefer open plans for developing better, easy, and instant connections with their employees.

5. Incorporation of Lounge areas

Incorporation of Lounge areas

When talking of office space, the work productivity result does matter but it has also been discovered that employees tend to be less productive when they are deprived of a break. As a result, more and more employers are now considering the incorporation of well-designed lounge areas in their office interior design. A lounge area that allows your employees to enjoy a perfect break time, socialize with other colleagues, and munch some good delicacies is likely to re-energize them and boost workforce productivity.

6. Blend some aspects of Nature

Blend some aspects of Nature

Nature has a positive effect to boost work productivity in about 90% of people employed in different sectors. With this study being highlighted, more employers are incorporating natural motifs or elements into their office interior design. This involves the use of rustic wood, natural stone, and different texture variations, which also lend a positive effect to the psychological health of employees.

Wrapping Up

Productivity is directly proportionate to an exciting and welcoming work environment. This is why it is important to take every minute detail related to your office interior design into concern and give your employees the best workspace possible. Flipspaces is here to serve your interior designing needs in the most reliable manner.