What are the Key Elements to Consider for a Hotel design?

11th October 2022

A hotel is designed keeping in mind who you are designing it for —The employees, the travellers or the competitors — It totally depends on you. Hotels are a form of narrative for a beautiful story offering the guests emotions that properly define their stay.

Although Hotels were assumed to be one-dimensional places to reside in now they have become places to stay where travellers from all over the world interact with different cultures, open venues to new knowledge and explore, discover, relax and rejuvenate through exuberating new experiences.

At first, Hotels were designed solely on the basis of functionality and aesthetics, however, with the changing time and demands, Hotels are built and designed to make a visitor’s stay worth remembering. The design not only fulfills the tangible need of the visitor but also his emotional needs.

Today let’s discuss a few key elements that one needs to consider while designing his Hotel interiors.

Interior Design for Hotels: Key Elements

1. The entrance, Reception and Gallery

Designing an interior of a Hotel is no piece of cake as it requires a complete understanding of the architect’s concept behind building it in the way it is built and the view of the owner.

The first thing that a visitor or traveller notices from outside the Hotel are its entrance gate and appearance. The interior designer needs to define the entrance gate explicitly ensuring the visitor gets the feel of the Hotel culture. And of course, the gate should be very much visible to the visitors otherwise what good it’s for.

Right after entering the Hotel, visitors should feel warm and welcoming and it's not always the people but also the interiors, colours and space that ensures the traveller feels at home. It should be well-spaced and furniture well-placed so that visitors exactly know where to go next.

And right from the reception, guests move towards the gallery towards the rooms. It should be one amazing experience for the guests. The gallery should be gingerly put together. It should be included by the culture it represents, the colours should welcoming and the route should encompass some beautiful imagery, outside view and lighting to complement them.

2. Visuals in Unity

Unity in visuals doesn’t mean that the interior design should be the same or similar but the colours, visuals, furniture and lighting should work together and complement each other to create harmony in the space. The entire Hotel should have a common colour scheme or lighting style that defines its aesthetic beauty.

Starting from the entrance to the reception and going through the lobby to the room, there should be several colour shades that speak for the Hotel's appearance. In short, the Hotel interior designer needs to focus on creating a story or theme that enables visitors to identify the Hotel with something.

3. Focal Point

You can be muzzled looking at a room’s appearance at the first glance. A Hotel room that does not have a focal point can leave the visitors feeling unhappy with its overall appearance.

Imagine you enter a room that is filled with different colours, bohemian-style spaced furniture and symmetrically-placed portraits - You’ll be all muzzled, right?

They should have a focal point for the visitors to pay attention to and relate everything with that focal point. Designers can keep a wall in focus, maybe a chair in the corner or perhaps the window in the middle of the room. It totally depends on the designer.

The focal point will decide the furniture placement, the colour of the walls and the shape of the bed, etc. Hence, the designer, very carefully, requires putting everything in place.

After all, the room is going to be a very private place for the visitor and hence it requires to be comfortable and soothing for the eyes of the visitor.

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